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“Kresta in the Afternoon”—October 6, 2014

Talking about the “Things that Matter Most” on October 6, 2014


4:00 – A Quick Word: Connecticut VS the Church


Connecticut has repeatedly extended the statute of limitations for civil cases pertaining to the priest sex abuse scandal. By doing this they have violated the Church’s own civil rights. Al quickly examines the controversy and the New Haven Herald’s incomplete and misleading coverage of the case.


4:10 – Kresta Comments


4:20 – The Synod on Marriage and the Family: What’s the Controversy?


The Vatican has officially opened its Synod on Marriage and the Family. The weeks leading up to the Synod were marked by confusion and controversy. What was going to be discussed? Would Church teaching be changed, or simply clarified? Mark Brumley, the CEO of Ignatius Press, joins us to discuss the truths of the Synod and the sources of the controversy.


4:40 – Steven Mosher – Hong Kong protesters give ground but aren’t leaving


Protests continue against China’s announcement that all candidates for public office in Hong Kong must be approved by Beijing. The protesters have now cleared a path for government workers to enter offices, but have ignored the command to disperse entirely. Officials are unsure if and when the protests will end. Steven Mosher, president of Population Research Institute and a specialist in Chinese population control, is with us to discuss the ongoing struggle for democracy.


5:00 – A Quick Word: Connecticut VS the Church


5:10 – Doug Keck – Remembering Fr. Benedict Groeschel


Fr. Benedict Groeschel passed away Friday. He cofounded the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, hosted a weekly show on EWTN and was a professor at St. Joseph’s Seminary in New York. Doug Keck joins us to remember the life and legacy of this remarkable priest. 


5:20 – Wesley Smith – Attorney seeks reversal of ‘brain death’ ruling for Jahi McMath


Jahi McMath is a teenage girl who made headlines last year after she was declared brain-dead following a routine medical procedure. Her parents have been fighting to keep her on life support, despite doctors’ analysis that it is a futile effort. A recent video shows Jahi voluntarily moving her arms and legs following her mother’s prompts. In light of this, the Mcmath family’s attorney is seeking a reversal of her brain dead diagnoses. Wesley Smith gives us the latest details in this ongoing story.


5:40 –The Synod on Marriage and the Family Round-Up


Dr. Greg Popcak, host of Ave Maria Radio’s More2Life, has covered the Vatican Synod extensively. He joins us with a roundup of his writings, including Francis’ decision to discuss the family and why the Catholic Church teaches the importance of a solid family foundation. 

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