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Kresta in the Afternoon – October 28, 2021 – Hour 2

Danilo Zak joins us with a look at the border crisis and Bill Cook tells the story of Constantine.

What happens to migrants fleeing unsafe countries?

Pope Francis’ meeting with President Biden will not be televised. Today the Vatican canceled its scheduled live broadcast of tomorrow’s meeting, but did not offer an explanation as to why. Matthew Bunson takes a closer look.

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Pope Francis appeals that migrants not be sent back to unsafe countries

Fact Sheet: Asylum Fraud and Immigration Court Absentia Rates

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National Immigration Forum

Danilo Zak is Senior Policy and Advocacy Associate for the National Immigration Forum. Visit and follow him on Twitter @danilozak

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“Through This Sign, You Shall Conquer.”

On October 27, 312, Emperor Constantine prepared to take his troops into battle at Milvian Bridge. According to tradition, he saw in the sky an image of the cross and the words “through this sign, you shall conquer.” The next day he won a massive victory. What do we know about this story, and about them an himself? Bill Cook joins us.

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William Cook is Professor Emeritus of History at State University of New York – Genesceo, where he taught on Medieval and Renaissance Europe and Church History. He is the president of the Bill Cook Foundation, which helps poor children in 29 countries go to school. Visit He is the author of several books including “The Medieval World View: An Introduction” and has hosted nine Great Courses lecture series.

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