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Kresta in the Afternoon – October 28, 2021 – Hour 1

Joby Warrick discusses what ISIS is doing now and Al examines the world before the Fall.

Vatican Cancels Live Coverage of Biden/Pope Francis Meeting

The Vatican canceled its scheduled live broadcast of tomorrow’s meeting, but did not offer an explanation as to why. Matthew Bunson takes a closer look.

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Authorities kidnap Catholic bishop in China, says report

Journalists protest as Vatican cancels live coverage of Joe Biden greeting Pope Francis

Matthew Bunson is Executive Editor and Washington Bureau Chief for EWTN News and a Senior Fellow at St Paul Center for Biblical Theology. He’s the author or co-author of more than 50 books including the first English-language biography of Pope Francis and The Encyclopedia of Catholic History. Follow him on twitter at MattBunson. Register Radio airs Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 11 am.

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What is ISIS doing now?

A Pentagon official said this week that ISIS-K could have the capacity to attack the US within the next 12 months. It’s been two years since founder Abu Bakr Al Bagdadi was killed and the caliphate may be gone, but ISIS clearly isn’t going anywhere. What do they want now, and what will they do to get it? We’ll talk with Joby Warrick.

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Pentagon official warns ISIS-K could be able to attack US in six months

ISIS used chemical weapons on Iraqi prisoners, U.N. investigators find

Taliban Refuse to Agree to Work with U.S. to Curb Islamic State in Afghanistan

Pakistan using informal intelligence channels to prop up Taliban fight against ISIS

Timeline: the Rise, Spread, and Fall of the Islamic State

The evolving
Taliban-ISK rivalry

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Joby Warrick is the author most recently of Red Line: The Unraveling of Syria and America’s Race to Destroy the Most Dangerous Arsenal in the World as well as Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS. He is a national security reporter for the Washington Post. Visit and follow him on Twitter @jobywarrick.

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Kresta Comments: The World Before the Fall

Were humans vegetarians in the Garden of Eden? Strange as it may seem, we think they were. Understanding what changed begins with understanding just how devastating the impact of the Fall was. Al discusses.  

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