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Kresta in the Afternoon – October 20, 2022 – Hour 1

At the beginning of Vatican II, Pope John XXIII told journalists to serve the truth and contribute to peace. Teresa Tomeo applies those challenges to today’s media.



Kresta Comments: A Pageant Queen Reflects on Turning 30

Former Miss USA Cheslie Kryst died by suicide earlier this year. In an essay last summer, she reflected on the pressure she felt from aging: “turning 30 feels like a cold reminder that I’m running out of time to matter in society’s eyes — and it’s infuriating.” Al discusses.

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A Pageant Queen Reflects on Turning 30

John XXIII's Advice for Journalists

As Vatican II began, Pope John XXIII had some words of advice for the journalists who would be covering the Council. Acknowledging the temptation to be “more concerned with speed than accuracy, more interested in the ‘sensational’ than in what is objectively true”, John XXIII urged journalists not to allow personal opinions or beliefs blur or obscure the truth. Teresa Tomeo joins us.

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13 October 1962: John XXIII tells journalists to serve the truth and contribute to peace

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Teresa Tomeo is the author of many books, most recently Everything's Coming up Rosie: 10 Things My Feisty Italian-American Mom Taught Me about Living a Godly Life. She has more than 30 years of experience in TV, radio and newspaper and spent 19 of those years working in front of a camera as a reporter/anchor in the Detroit market. In the year 2000, Teresa left the secular media to start her own speaking and communications company, Teresa Tomeo Communications, LLC. Her daily morning radio program, Catholic Connection, is produced by Ave Maria Radio in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
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