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Kresta in the Afternoon-November 7, 2014

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on November 7, 2014


4:00 – Christian Suffering: Why Does it Happen, and How Do We Cope with It?


Even the most faithful followers of Christ lead lives of hardship. Their loved ones die. They lose their jobs. They cope with fires, tornadoes and other disasters. They struggle to support their families. They face increasing persecution for their beliefs. Why does this happen? If Christ really is the Son of God, why is it so hard to follow Him? Al sits down with Dan Burke, the executive director of the National Catholic Register, to discuss the reasons for Christian suffering and the methods for coping with it.   


5:00 – Biblical and Theological Foundations of the Family


Biblical and Theological Foundations of the Family argues that the family has a constitutive nature and a specific theological purpose, which God reveals in the church. Joseph Atkinson investigates the principles of the doctrine of Creation which inform the family “from the beginning”; the vital way the family functions as “carrier of the covenant” in the Old Testament; and the critical aspects of Hebraic anthropology, especially corporate personality, upon which the family is based. Joseph joins us. 

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