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Kresta in the Afternoon – November 8, 2021 – Hour 1

Was the Enlightenment all bad? We talk with Joseph Stuart.

Kresta Comments: The Second Coming of Christ

What does it mean to say that Christ will Come Again in Glory? AL discusses.

Was the Enlightenment All Bad? 

We tend to think of the Enlightenment in a negative light – a time when the Church in France was violently dethroned in the name of “Reason.” But it also ushered in a wave of genuine Christian inspiration. We’ll talk with Joseph Stuart about the three strategies Christians employed during the Enlightenment and how they can be employed in our own anti-Christian age.

Dr Joseph Stuart is the Author of Rethinking the Enlightenment: Faith in the Age of Reason. He’s Associate Professor of History and Fellow of Catholic Studies at the University of Mary in Bismark, North Dakota and his research focuses on the work of Christopher Dawson, the cultural history of the Great War, and the Enlightenment of the 18th Century.

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