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Kresta in the Afternoon – May 26, 2022 – Hour 2

Peggy Stanton returns with more thoughts on the Good News of the Ascension and Terry Mattingly looks at the Abuse crisis rocking the Southern Baptist Church.

Kresta Comments: Why the Ascension is Important

At the time of the Ascension, Jesus had prepared His disciples for something big to happen. But immediately after the Ascension, the Disciples did not being preaching – they went to pray. Al discusses.

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The Ascension Takes the Training Wheels Off Our Faith

Why Christ’s Ascension is Essential

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SBC Rocked by Sex Abuse + The Good News of the Ascension

On Sunday, the results of a major independent investigation of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Church was published. The findings are devastating. Terry Mattingly gives us some info. Then, Peggy Stanton returns with more thoughts on the Ascension.

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Liam Adams: Southern Baptist Convention leaders decide to release long-secret list of accused ministers

Houston Chronicle: Bombshell Report on SBC

Southern Baptist sexual-abuse probe uncovers apocalyptic sins and crimes

This Is the Southern Baptist Apocalypse

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Terry Mattingly is the editor of Get Religion and writes the nationally-syndicated On Religion column for the Universal Syndicate. He is a senior fellow at the Overby Center at the University of Mississippi, focusing on religion, news and the First Amendment. Visit and and follow him on Twitter @tweetmattingly

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