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Kresta in the Afternoon – May 21, 2021 – Hour 1

Dr Greg Popcak explains why “love hurts” and we look to the power of Pentecost with Mark Giszczak.

Social Science Apologetics: Love Hurts

Studies have shown that patients with chronic conditions such as arthritis suffer worsened symptoms when they argue with their spouse. We’ll discuss it with Dr. Greg Popcak.

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Fighting with your significant other can worsen chronic pain, symptoms of diabetes 

Dr. Gregory Popcak is the director of, a Catholic tele-counseling practice providing marriage & mental health counseling services to Catholics worldwide.  Together with his wife Lisa Popcak, he is the author of over 20 books on relationships and spirituality.   You can hear Dr. Greg and Lisa each weekday at 10am E/9C on their radio program More2Life, which is produced by Ave Maria Radio and carried by the EWTN Radio Network

Pentecost and the Power to Evangelize   

On Sunday we celebrate Pentecost. The Holy Spirit empowered the apostles to go out and spread the Good News to all nations. Pentecost offers us a reality far greater than our own attempts to share God’s love and invite others to share in the victory of Jesus. Dr. Mark Giszczak joins us with more.

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Baptism by Fire

Mark Giszczak (“geese-check”) was born and raised in Ann Arbor, MI. He studied philosophy and theology at Ave Maria College in Ypsilanti, MI and Sacred Scripture at the Augustine Institute of Denver, CO. He currently teaches courses in Scripture at the Augustine Institute, where he has been on faculty since 2010. Dr. Giszczak has participated in many evangelization projects and is the author of the blog. He has written introductions to every book of the Bible that are hosted at Dr. Giszczak, his wife and their daughter, live in Colorado where they enjoy camping and hiking in the Rocky Mountains.

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