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Kresta in the Afternoon – May 13, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on May 13, 2015

4:00 – Kresta Comments: Pew Study shows Decrease in American Faithful

A recently-released Pew Research survey has confirmed what we already knew: America is becoming less Christian and more secular. The percentage of Americans who identify as Christian has fallen from 78% to 70% since 2007 and the “nones,” or those have no religion, have skyrocketed from 16% to 23%. Why has this happened? What can we do about it? Al discusses.

4:20 – Finding True Happiness: Satisfying our Restless Hearts

What is happiness? Americans as a whole enjoy a higher quality of life than virtually any other country on the planet. We have unlimited access to entertainment. So why are so many Americans unhappy? Fr. Robert Spitzer has identified Four Levels of Happiness, which he bases on ancient and modern philosophers and psychologists. He joins us today to talk about them.

 5:00 – Sister Helen Prejean Testifies in Boston 

5:20 – Deathbed Conversions: Finding Faith at the Finish Line

A deathbed conversion is not a “loophole” that allows a person to achieve salvation despite a life of self-serving and sin. It’s the evidence of God’s mercy. We talk with Karen Edmisten about the meaning of deathbed conversion and some of the most notable figures who have accepted God in their final moments.


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