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Kresta in the Afternoon – May 4, 2021 – Hour 2

Al looks at a LA driver’s tirade against a police officer and Claire Culwell shares her story of surviving a botched abortion.

Kresta Comments: Driver calls LA County deputy ‘murderer’ in racist attack 

A police body cam video from an officer in Los Angeles shows a driver making racist comments towards the officer and calling him a “murderer” as he tried to write her a ticket for using her phone while driving. We’ll talk about it.

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I Survived the Abortion that Killed my Twin

Raised in a loving home, Claire Culwell always knew she had been adopted and when she reached adulthood she decided to meet her birth mother. And that’s when she got the shock of her life. Claire learned that she was a survivor of a botched abortion. Not only that, she had an unborn twin whose life was terminated that day. And the story doesn’t end there. She joins us.


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Abortion Survivor Claire Culwell: ‘I Can Trust God, and That Gives Me Hope’

Meet the Pro-Life Activist Who Narrowly Escaped Being Aborted Herself

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Claire Culwell is the author of Survivor: An Abortion Survivor’s Surprising Story of Choosing Forgiveness and Finding Redemption. Visit her at

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