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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 30, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 30, 2015


4:00 – Why Won’t Governor Pence Say Yes or No?

We’re continuing our discussion on Indiana’s religious freedom bill. Is this bill similar to existing federal and state laws regarding religious freedom? Can we be sure it won’t allow for outright discrimination? And why isn’t Governor Pence doing more to publicly support it? Al examines the issue with Kellie Fiedorek.

4:20 – Never Enough: One Lawyer’s True Story of how he Gambled his Career Away

Gambling addicts often say it’s the thrill of winning, not the money, that keeps them addicted. We ask Michael Burke if he agrees. Michael was a successful lawyer who spent over $1.6 million of his client’s trust account funds on gambling. He was eventually jailed for his actions. He joins us today to talk about how to identify and help people afflicted with gambling addiction.

5:00 – Protecting the Unborn in Colorado

Earlier this month a pregnant woman was brutally attacked when she answered a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. Her attacker cut open her womb and removed her baby, who did not survive. The attacker will not be charged with murder under Colorado law. Attempts to pass a personhood law to protect the unborn from violent death, even death resulting from an attack on the mother, have been successfully defeated by the pro-abortion movement. What can pro-lifers do to protect the unborn in cases like this?

5:20 – The True Story of Egypt’s Mother Teresa

For almost 20 years, Maggie Gobran has devoted her life to helping the poorest of the poor in Cairo’s garbage slums. Her innovative, transformational work has garnered worldwide fame and multiple Nobel Prize nominations, but her full story has remained untold – until now. Marty Makary, author of Maggie’s biography, joins us with her incredible story.

5:40 – What Mental Condition Caused the Germanwings Disaster?

Investigators have discovered mountains of information that show Andres Lubitz had a troubled mental history. But what exactly was wrong with him? Would depression really drive a person to commit mass murder or are there other issues at play?

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