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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 17, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on March 17, 2015


Special Guest Host: Marybeth Hicks

4:00 – Danger! Danger! Be Very Afraid!

If we believe the news reports, we’re lucky to be alive. We face extraordinary danger every day in the form of fast food, playground equipment, dessert and non-hybrid cars. Alarmists leverage parents’ natural anxiety to reach their own goals. Julie Gunlock joins us to discuss how the alarmist mentality costs us unnecessary money and stress.


4:20 – St. Patrick, the Three-Leaf Clover and Irish Snakes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Philip Freeman is here to talk about the life and legacy of one of our most beloved saints.


4:40 – “One Big Happy”

NBC is about to premier another show about the new standard for an American family. “One Big Happy” is the story of a lesbian woman who conceives a child with her straight best friend…only to see him marry another woman. The show follows the threesome’s wacky adventures as “one big happy.” We’ll discuss it with Tim Winter.


5:00 – Pope Announces Jubilee: A Year of Mercy

Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy. We’ll talk about it with Matthew Bunson.


5:20 – Kelleigh’s Cause: Trusting God and Battling AVM

When Kelleigh Gustafson was four years old she was diagnosed with AVM, also known as an arteriovenous malformation. AVM is a rare blood vessel condition that can put extreme strain on the heart. The causes are not known and there is no cure. Kelly has undergone several surgeries to help her condition. Through it all, she has continued to trust God. She joins us today.


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