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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 30, 2021 – Hour 2

Al discusses the importance of Ecumenism and Connie Regener shares how she overcame struggles to enter full communion with the Church.

Kresta Comments: The Call for Ecumenism

What is ecumenism and why is it important for evangelization? Al discusses.

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Decree on Ecumenism

Ut Unum Sint: That All May be One

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Accepted in the Beloved: Finding my home in the Church

When Connie Regener was a young girl, her mother forbade her from visiting a friend’s house because the friend’s family was Catholic. So how did she choose, decades later, to willingly enter the Catholic Church? Connie joins us.

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Accepted in the Beloved

Connie Regener is a former Protestant minister, newspaper columnist for the religion page, and Board Certified Chaplain who plundered the riches of Catholic spirituality and spiritual formation in her quest for more of God. The door to the Catholic Church finally opened during
the recent Year of Mercy, perhaps due to Pope Francis’ prayers.

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