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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 24, 2021 – Hour 1

Al explains more about “purity culture,” which is now being cited as a cause of the killings in Atlanta, and remembers the legacy of Mother Angelica with Raymond Arroyo.

Kresta Comments: What is “Purity Culture?”

“Purity Culture” is now being blamed as a cause for the shootings in Atlanta, with claims that the “repressive” idea of sexual morals taught by Christians need to bear some of the blame. What does a real Christian sexual ethic look like? Al discusses.

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The FAQs: What You Should Know About Purity Culture

Utah bans pornography on cellphones

Wait a minute: How is a sermon on the Second Coming linked to shootings in Atlanta?

The Life and Legacy of Mother Angelica

Saturday will mark five years since the death of Mother Angelica, who died on Easter Sunday in 2016. We’ll look back on a discussion we had with her biographer, Raymond Arroyo, shortly after her death.

Raymond Arroyo is the host of the World Over Live. He’s the author of Mother Angelica: The Remarkable Story of a Nun, Her Nerve, and a Network of Miracles.

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