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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 23, 2021 – Hour 1

Edward Pentin explains the end of “side chapel” Masses at the Vatican, Al looks at the media’s response to the Atlanta shooting and Alan Sears has the latest on Jack Phillips, the baker who is once again facing a lawsuit.

Dead Silence in St Peter’s as Individual Masses come to an end

The side altars of St. Peter’s basilica were almost all devoid of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass this week as a Vatican directive suppressing individual Masses being celebrated in the upper part of the basilica came into force. Edward Pentin is there and explains what is going on.

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‘Like a Museum’: Dead Silence in St. Peter’s Basilica as Suppression of Individual Masses Comes into Force

Cruel and (Very) Unusual: On the banning of Masses in the Vatican Basilica

Cardinal Burke Says Vatican’s Instruction on Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica Should Be Rescinded

Edward Pentin is the Rome correspondent for the National Catholic Register. He’s the author most recently of The Next Pope: The Leading Cardinal Candidates and has reported on the Holy See and the Catholic Church for a number of other publications including Newsweek, Newsmax, Zenit, The Catholic Herald, and The Holy Land Review. Edward is the author of “The Rigging of a Vatican Synod? An Investigation into Alleged Manipulation at the Extraordinary Synod on the Family”, published by Ignatius Press. Follow him on Twitter @edwardpentin

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Kresta Comments: What the Press Doesn’t Get about Purity Culture

Think pieces in the press are now blaming “repressive Christian sexual morality” for the shooter’s actions in Atlanta. Al looks at the latest from the story and what makes a Christian understanding of sexual ethics unique.

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Panning purity culture: What the press doesn’t get about basic Christian doctrines on sex

Accused Atlanta gunman’s church expels him, as local Korean church leaders mourn, call for action

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The Christian Baker who said No

Colorado baker Jack Phillips is facing a new lawsuit over his refusal to make a cake celebrating a transgender woman’s transition. Alan Sears gives us a look at the cake and how it relates to Jack’s previous court cases, and also previews next year’s Good News Marriage Cruise.

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The Christian Baker Who Said ‘No’

Masterpiece Cakeshop Baker Sued Once Again over Refusal to Make Gender Transition Cake

Alan Sears is an American Lawyer and the founder and former President and CEO of Alliance Defending Freedom. Alan and his wife, Paula, celebrate over 30 years of marriage and four wonderful children, and they continue to inspire and evangelize the world around them at every turn. In 2017, Pope Francis honored Alan and Paula by knighting them into the Order of St. Gregory the Great, the highest honor that a pope can bestow upon lay people.

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