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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 22, 2021 – Hour 1

We talk with John Michels, the brother of one of the Atlanta shooting victims and then Al opens the phone lines to talk with you.

My Brother Was Killed in the Atlanta Shooting. Here’s Why I’m Forgiving His Killer

Of the eight people killed in last week’s shooting in Atlanta, only one was male – Paul Michels, who was at Yong Asian Massage Parlor to work on the security system there. His brother, John, has already decided to forgive the shooter. He joins us.  

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Detroit native, Paul Michels, killed in Georgia spa shootings

John Michels is the brother of Paul Michels, who was killed in Atlanta last Tuesday. The brothers come from a family of nine children who grew up in Southwest Detroit.

Direct to My Desk: Why does God Care who I Sleep With?

The popular argument is that if the Church would just “update” its teachings on marriage and sexuality, it would be able to attract today’s youth again. One way to ask the question is to simply state – “Why does God care who I sleep with?” We’ve seen this again in the reactions to the Vatican CDF document and to the Atlanta shooter’s claim that he was trying to control his sex addiction. Al offers some commentary and takes your calls.

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Analysis: What a Xavier Becerra HHS could mean for Catholics

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