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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 20, 2023 – Hour 1

We celebrate the solemnity of St. Joseph with Mark Miravalle, and Al looks at what a strange new law in Germany tells us about media, medicine and society. 


Kresta Comments: The Media, Medicine, and Society

A recent law change in Berlin will allow women to swim topless at public pools, just as men do. The media celebrated this as some great victory for women’s equality. What lessons can we learn from that about the state of our society? Al discusses.

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Women can now swim topless in Berlin’s swimming pools. The move reflects Germany’s tradition of nudity

St Joseph: The First Co-Responsible Layman

Have you ever realized that St Joseph is a perfect example of the laity taking co-responsibility? He’s among the most important saints in our Church calendar – yet he’s famous mostly for his silence. We bring him out of the shadows with Mark Miravalle and learn how we can entrust ourselves, as Jesus and Mary did, to this humble servant of God.

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