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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 18, 2021 – Hour 1

We celebrate St Joseph with Steve Ray and Joe Pearce asks if the West is worth saving.

Kresta Comments: The Importance of the Word of God in Shaping our Sensibilities

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Which West is Worth Saving?

More and more of Western Culture is being placed under the microscope. Heroes of the past are accused of racism and even the Classics are being considered for removal from classrooms. What is “The West?” Should it be preserved? Joe Pearce joins us.

Joseph Pearce is the author of numerous literary works including Literary Converts, The Quest for Shakespeare and Literature: What Every Catholic Should Know. A native of England, he is Director of Book Publishing at the Augustine Institute, editor of the St. Austin Review, and is Senior Contributor at The Imaginative Conservative. Visit him at

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The Importance of St. Joseph

Tomorrow is the Solemnity of St Joseph – a Feast day so important that Catholics are dispensed from the usual Lenten obligations. We’ll take a look at the life of Joseph and the role he played in the early life of Christ with Steve Ray.  

Steve Ray leads pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Rome and other sites. He converted to Catholicism in 1994 and is the author of “Crossing the Tiber,” “Upon this Rock” and other books. He’s the host and producer of the Footprints of God DVD series and has been to the Holy Land more than 180 times. He also writes bible studies for Catholic Scripture Study International Visit and

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