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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 12, 2021 – Hour 1

Guest host Matthew Bunson talks with Ben Rogers and KV Turley to get the latest news from China and the UK church.

China Takes Hong Kong Interference to New Level

China has approved a drastic overhaul of election rules for Hong Kong that would mostly bar pro-democracy politicians from competing in elections. This decision has further tightened Beijing’s grip on the territory. Chinese human rights violations are finally getting real attention in the West, and some leaders are even calling for a boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics, which Beijing will host. Benedict Rogers has the latest.

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China’s influence at the UN has ensured a conspiracy of silence when it comes to Hong Kong

What’s behind Hong Kong election law changes

How China Plans to Control Hong Kong’s Elections and Elevate ‘Patriots’

Benedict Rogers is Chief Executive of Hong Kong Watch. He’s a human rights activist specializing in Asia and writes on Christian solidarity worldwide. He serves with the UK Conservative Party’s Human Rights Commission. Follow him on Twitter @benedictrogers and visit

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Matthew Bunson and Ben Rogers discuss the latest China news

Why do People Care about the Royal Family? (And more important news as well)

Despite an ongoing pandemic, the rise of vaccination rates, and several big political stories this week, the world’s focus has apparently been focused on…the Royal Family. For Americans, the idea of a single family that captures the national imagination certainly seems strange. KV Turley Joins us from the UK to weigh in on why the story has been so huge, and also discuss several real news stories from the country.

People should be free to worship publicly as lockdown eases, say Irish bishops

Controversial ‘Hate Crime’ legislation passes Scottish parliament

Catholic priest pursues legal challenge as Scottish government shifts on public Mass ban

KV Turley is the Director of Mission and News Editor for EWTN Great Britain and a UK Correspondent for the National Catholic Register

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Matthew Bunson and KV Turley discuss British church news
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