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Kresta in the Afternoon – March 1, 2021 – Hour 2

Michael New reports from CPAC and Fr Thomas Morrow has tips for overcoming sinful thoughts.

What Happened at CPAC?

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference was held this weekend and once again Donald Trump stole the show. Between his speech, a social media campaign to boycott Hyatt hotels for hosting the event, claims of a “nazi” influence on the stage design and more, there is much to talk about. Michael New was there and gives us a report.

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Michael New is visiting assistant professor at Catholic University of America and an associate scholar at Charlotte Lozier Institute.

LISTEN TO THIS SEGMENT: Al Kresta interviews Michael New.

Understand – and Overcome – Satan’s Attacks

Satan is constantly at work disturbing our peace, corrupting our thoughts, demoralizing us in our weaknesses, and diverting our attention away from God. His goal: to paralyze our spiritual efforts and mire us in a life of sin. How can we overcome these sinful thoughts? Fr. Thomas Morrow joins us.

LISTEN TO THIS SEGEMENT: Al Kresta interviews Fr. T. G. Morrow.
Fr Thomas Morrow is the author of several books, most recently Overcoming Sinful Thoughts. He’s co-founder of the St. Catherine Society, for single women seeking spiritual growth, and the St. Lawrence Society, the male counterpart to the St. Catherine Society. He has appeared as a guest on Mother Angelica Live and his articles can be found in Homiletics and Pastoral Review, Our Sunday Visitor and other sites. Fr. Morrow is currently retired and resides at St. Raphael Catholic Church in Rockville, MD.

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