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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 29, 2022 – Hour 1

We look at Cronyism with Dr. Anne Bradley and Sean Maltbie introduces us to a new kind of Catholic education.

Cronyism, Corporate Welfare, and Inequality

Income Inequality remains a pressing social and political issue in domestic and international politics. Market-based economies ensure that everyone has an opportunity-based society where they can only grow rich when they serve others. Corporate Welfare distorts the incentives of markets by inducing a culture of favoritism, public-private partnerships and big business boondoggles. Cronyism favors the rich at the expense of everyone else and fosters inequality of outcome. We talk with Dr. Anne Bradley.

Dr. Anne Bradley is a Fellow for Economic Education and the vice president for academic affairs at The Fund for American Studies. She previously served as the vice president of economic initiatives at the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics, where she continues research toward a systematic biblical theology of economic freedom. In addition to her work with TFAS, she is a professor of economics at The Institute for World Politics and has previously taught at Grove City College, Georgetown University, and Charles University Prague. She is currently an Acton affiliate scholar and a visiting scholar. She is also a lecturer for the Institute for Humane Studies and the Foundation for Economic Education. She is the author of Counting the Cost: Christian Perspectives on Capitalism

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A Unique Approach to Classical Education

Of the hundreds of growing classical schools in America, only a handful are Catholic and among these are many “independent.” Only a few operate under the guidance and support of their diocesan bishop. Sacred Heart Academy is one of them. Headmaster Sean Maltbie joins us.

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Sacred Heart Academy

Sean Maltbie is the headmaster of Sacred Heart Academy in Grand Rapids, MI. Learn more at

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