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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 28, 2021 – Hour 1

Al continues his look at Reconciliation and the Eucharist and Pastor James Ward overcomes the “Victim Mentality.”

Kresta Comments: Reconciliation, The Eucharist and the Priesthood

Al takes an extended commentary to look at what the Church says about Reconciliation, penance and the Eucharist and how it applies to our conversation on politicians receiving Communion.

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The Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Needed Sacrament

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Overcoming the Victim Mentality

After the Jacob Blake shooting last summer, we spoke with his mother’s pastor, James Ward, who is becoming an important voice for greater racial justice and healing. As he has pointed out, we have a “sin problem, not a skin problem,” that stops us from achieving peace. He joins us again to discuss his work and what it means to have a “zero victim” mentality.

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James’ website

James Ward is a pastor, author, and entrepreneur who speaks nationally and internationally on leadership development, and cultural and spiritual issues. He has been seen and heard on television and radio, both as a host and guest on numerous programs and networks. As a speaker and Bible teacher, James emphasizes Christian character development and spiritual awakening, while challenging listeners intellectually from God’s Word. In his book, Zero Victim: Liberate Yourself from the Mentality of Defeat, James shares universal principle that has fueled his success in every area of life—the development of a Zero Victim mindset. James is pastor and founder of INSIGHT Church in the North Chicago suburb of Skokie. He and his wife Sharon have been married for twenty years and have two wonderful children, Hannah and Jonathan.

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