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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 24, 2021 – Hour 1

Al examines what kind of “unity” is at stake in the USCCB discussion and Clemente Lisi responds to a claim that Mother Teresa was a “cult leader.”

Kresta Comments: What Kind of Unity do we Want?

Critics say denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians will be a blow for unity – but what kind of unity do they want? Al discusses.

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California Democrat suggests Catholic church should be stripped of tax-exempt status if it denies Biden communion

Bishop asks Catholics to affirm Church teaching. Catholics freak out.

When bishops debate unity, are they talking about ‘accompaniment’ or ‘accommodation’?

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Mother Teresa – Cult Leader?!?

Over the last several years and especially since the murder of George Floyd we have seen an increased effort to “re-examine” the heroes of the past, with statues of everyone from Columbus to Abraham Lincoln being torn down or vandalized. But surely someone like Mother Teresa is exempt from such reckonings, right? Not so, as the New York Times recently published a piece asking if the saint was really a Cult leader. We’ll talk about it with Clemente Lisi.

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In Defense Of Mother Teresa: Why She Is A Saint, Not A ‘Cult Leader’

Catholic Bishops Vote To Draft Communion Guidelines: What Happens Next?

Clemente Lisi is a senior editor and regular contributor to Religion Unplugged. He is the former deputy head of news at the New York Daily News and teaches journalism at The King’s College in New York City. Follow him on Twitter @ClementeLisi.

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Don’t Miss Out on the Good News Cruise!

Time is running out and cabins are filling fast for the 2022 Good News Marriage Cruise. On July 1, unsold cabins will be reverted to Royal Caribbean and subsequent bookings will be much harder to get. Don’t miss your chance to join Al, Teresa, Dr Ray, their spouses and many more on the Cruise! David DiFranco explains how.

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Good News Cruise

David DiFranco is the CEO of Corporate Travel. Learn more about the Good News Cruise at

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