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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 23, 2021 – Hour 2

Did the Church really silence Galileo? We talk with Dom Paschal Scotti.

Kresta Comments: The Church, Science and Galileo

Did the Church really silence Galileo?

When opponents of the Catholic Church claim the Church is against science, the story of Galileo is the first place they look. The story goes that the Inquisition forced Galileo to recant many of his views the Church saw as incompatible with faith, culminating with an official recantation on June 22, 1633. We’ll look at the real story of Galileo with Fr. Dom Paschal Scotti.

Dom Paschal Scotti is the author of Galileo Revisited. He’s a monk at Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island and was ordained a priest in 1989. he teaches in the History and Humanities department at his monastery’s prep school and has a licentiate in canon law from the Catholic University of America.
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