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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 22, 2021 – Hour 2

Dr Steve Doran explains a new debate on the definition of brain death.

What’s at Stake in the Brain Death Debate?

A proposed change to U.S. law concerning the determination of brain death has drawn criticism from a group of doctors, lawyers, and philosophers, who say the changes could lead to incorrect diagnoses of brain death in patients who are still alive. It’s a very important, yet highly technical discussion, and Dr Steve Doran helps us understand it.  

Dr. Stephen Doran is a practicing neurosurgeon in Omaha and a member of the State of Nebraska COVID 19 task force. He was ordained to the permanent diaconate on May 1 and is the bioethicist for the Archdiocese of Omaha. He is cofounder along with his wife Sharon Doran of “Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study

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