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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 21, 2021 – Hour 1

We discuss mainstream press reactions to the USCCB with Terry Mattingly.

Kresta Comments: What the Bishops Did Last Week

Mainstream coverage of the USCCB Fall Assembly, including an interview Al did on local radio, have shown the press does not understand the issues at play in the conversation on whether President Biden should be denied communion. Al explains.

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Press Struggles to Understand What’s Really going on at USCCB

If you have followed mainstream coverage of religion (and politics) in recent decades, you know that many journalists tend to make liberal use of the vague term “moderate.” We saw it again recently in the coverage of the USCCB Assembly and the Southern Baptist Convention. We’ll talk more about it with Terry Mattingly.

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#SBC21: Press wrestles with Twitter-niche labels as Southern Baptists choose a new leader

Biden doesn’t expect not to be admitted to Holy Communion

60 House Democrats sign letter asking Catholic leaders to reconsider Biden rebuke over abortion

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Terry Mattingly is the editor of Get Religion and writes the nationally-syndicated On Religion column for the Universal Syndicate. He is a senior fellow at the Overby Center at the University of Mississippi, focusing on religion, news and the First Amendment. Visit and and follow him on Twitter @tweetmattingly

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