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Kresta in the Afternoon – June 2, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on June 2, 2015

4:00-6:00 – Direct to My Desk: Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner…What should we do?

Bruce Jenner now claims to be Caitlyn Jenner. Do we call him- her? Or he- she? Or do we stay with what  chromosomes tell us. IN Catholic theology bodies are important. They form a vital part of our identity. They will be raised from the dead. On the other hand, we generally call people by their chosen names. Catholic theology is big on human dignity and treating people as we would like to be treated. Can we really expect the opportunity to bear witness to Christ when we meet Caitlyn if we refuse to call her, her. Calling her Bruce is not a way to start evangelization.  What do you think we should call him-her?  Social engineering is always preceded by verbal engineering. Just ask feminists or “gay” activists.

Pam Geller and her organization held a Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas to show the importance of free speech. Two Phoenix residents showed up to kill the contest organizers or whoever they could. They made the very point Geller was trying to make. Free speech must be fought for.  Another group decided to go to the mosque associated with the two terrorists who were killed in Texas. This group showed up armed during Muslim prayers. Why do we respect Pam’s protests but reject the other?

The Jesuit missionary, Fr. Pierre Jean DeSmet is one of the great Catholic heroes of Catholic expansion. He is considered by some historians as the white man most trusted by the Sioux.  A Jesuit university, St. Louis in Missouri has a statue in honor of Fr. DeSmet. The statue shows him, hand raised blessing an Indian chief, probably Sitting Bull. The statue is now being interpreted as a tribute to “colonialism, imperialism, racism and of Christian and white supremacy.” This tribute is being seen as an assault on American Indians who might come to St. Louis U.  We are witnessing a collapse of the old Christian understanding. It is being replaced by a secularist fundamentalism that is as any Protestant fundamentalism.  What is the great sin against secularism today besides smoking in public places?



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