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Kresta in the Afternoon – January 25, 2021 – Hour 1

Kresta Comments: What is a Creed?

You’ve probably seen the yard sign that states “in this house we believe…” followed by several statements. It’s the kind of thing you see when people call for “unity,” but do such generic statements actually accomplish anything? Al discusses.

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How Did Churchill’s Faith Affect his Politics?

What did faith mean to Winston Churchill? Unlike many politicians of his day he was not transparent about his beliefs, did not regularly attend services, and once described himself as “not a pillar of the Church but a buttress.” Still, he did have a sense of faith that contributed to his idea that he was “walking with destiny.” January 24 marks the anniversary of his death, and we’ll talk more with Gary Scott Smith.

Gary Scott Smith

Dr. Gary Scott Smith is the retired chair of the history department at Grove City College and is a fellow for faith and politics with The Center for Vision & Values. He’s the author most recently of Duty and Destiny: The Life and Faith of Winston Churchill as well as “Faith and the Presidency from George Washington to George W Bush” and “Religion in the Oval Office: The Religious Lives of American Presidents.”

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Winston Churchill Fought for ‘Christian Civilization,’ but He Rarely Went to Church

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