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Kresta in the Afternoon – January 19, 2023 – Hour 1

Why are so many young Catholics resistant to marriage? We talk with Rachel Hoover, and Peggy Stanton joins Guest Host Marcus Peter in previewing this Sunday’s Gospel. 


Why aren’t young Catholics marrying?

We all know that marriage rates are low in the United States. The most recent American Family Survey found that only 45% of Americans are currently married (down from 50% in 2015). Despite the Church’s pro-marriage stance, Catholic marriage rates are not much higher than the general population. We discuss some of the reasons with Rachel Hoover.

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Why aren’t young Catholics marrying?

Rachel Hoover lives and writes in Tennessee

The Calling of the Apostles

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear Jesus call his first apostles. Four men drop their nets and follow him. In Judaism, it was only permissible to cease the practice of one’s livelihood and break family ties for the sake of the study of God’s word, the Torah,“the law.” We dive deeper into this reading with Peggy Stanton.

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Reflections from Scott Hahn 


Peggy Stanton is the author of From the White House to the White Cross. She's a Dame of the Order of Malta. She was ABC News’ first female Washington correspondent. She has hosted many programs on Ave Maria Radio including the Malta Minute with the Catechism. Her first book was The Daniel Dilemma: The Moral Man in the Public Arena.
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