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Kresta in the Afternoon – January 6, 2021 – Hour 1

Special Intro: US Capitol Swarmed  

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Woman shot dead after armed Trump supporters stormed the Capitol as lawmakers gathered to certify Biden’s win

Trump says election was ‘stolen’ and ‘these are the things and events that happen’ tells people to ‘go home’

Live Updates: Chaos engulfs DC as protesters storm Capitol; one person shot, Trump urges ‘peace’

Fact check: D.C. police did not act as ‘private security’ for ‘Antifa’ on Jan. 6, claims feature old video

Can We Ever Have a “Great Society?”

On January 8, 1964, President Lyndon B Johnson declared a war on poverty. He envisioned a “Great Society” that would totally eliminate poverty and racial injustice. 5 decades later, it’s clear his vision was not realized. What went wrong? We talk with Amity Shlaes.

Amity Shlaes

Amity Shlaes is the author of several bestselling books, most recently Great Society: A New History. She chairs the board of the Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation and serves as a Scholar at the King’s College. She’s a former member of the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board. Visit and follow her on Twitter @amityshlaes.

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