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Kresta in the Afternoon – February 26, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on February 26, 2015

4:00 – Why the Vast Majority of Priests Want a Celibate Priesthood

Every once in awhile, someone will argue that the priest sex abuse scandal is rooted in a priest’s celibate life. They claim that if a priest were allowed to marry there would be nor problems. Fr. John Riccardo has spoken on this before and is with us to discuss why priests really want a celibate priesthood.

 4:20-Developing a Personal Encounter with Christ

Deacon Steve Mitchell, the National Director of the Catholic branch of the Alpha program, joins us along with Fr. John Riccardo. They will discuss the Alpha program, which is designed to bring our faith alive and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

4:40 –Another American Sniper: A Catholic who Kills for a Living

Jack Coughlin served as a sniper in the US Marine Corps and has more than 60 confirmed kills. He’s also a Catholic who has made peace with his past and doesn’t believe his career is a cause for penance. We speak with Jack about his life as a Catholic sniper.

5:00 – American Sniper: What does it take to get an Insanity Ruling?

Eddie Ray Routh has been convicted of capital murder in the deaths of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield and has been sentenced to life in prison without parole. Routh’s attorneys argued that he was insane at the time, citing his multiple stays in mental hospitals and diagnosis of schizophrenia in the two years prior to the shooting. Routh’s insanity plea was rejected; what does it take to get an insanity ruling in the courts? Maureen

5:20 – Greece in Financial Crisis: How does it Affect the International Markets?

Greece’s debt problems have reached epic proportions. At the last minute, the country worked out a deal with Germany and other creditors to extend a bailout of 172 billion Euros for the next four months. We ask George Schwartz about the ramifications of Greece’s problems.

5:40 – Kresta Comments: Jihadi John, Medicare and Immigrants

Jihadi John, the ISIS executioner who killed James Foley, Steve Sotloff, Peter Kassig and others in videos released since the summer, has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi. Emwazi is a Kuwait-born British man who grew up in London and graduated from the University of Westminster. Al has thoughts on the significance of knowing more about this murderer. During this segment, we also follow up on a call from yesterday that discussed the health care benefits given to immigrants in the US.

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