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Kresta in the Afternoon – February 1, 2021 – Hour 2

How Acts 15 Led Me to the Church (full hour)

After nearly 30 years as a devout Protestant, Joshua Charles decided last year to become Catholic and was received into the Church this summer. As he considered his conversion and studied the Scriptures, he was deeply impacted by the Council of Jerusalem recounted in Acts 15. He joins us with a look at how he was drawn to the Church and “slapped across the face by the Church fathers.”

Josh Charles

Joshua Charles is a Millennial author and speaker who has just become Catholic after a lifetime as a protestant. He’s the author of “Liberty’s Secrets: The Lost Wisdom of America’s Founders,” and several other books. His conversion story appears in Robert George’s “Mind, Heart and Soul: Intellectuals and their Path to Rome,” and you can read his Becoming Catholic blog at

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Why Acts 15 Led Me to the Church

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