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Kresta in the Afternoon-December 17th, 2014 – COUNTDOWN OF THE TOP 40 INTERVIEWS OF 2014

4:00 – #39 – Appletopia (original air 9/19) 

Apple is making headlines again with the release of the iPhone 6. Much of the multi-billion dollar company’s success can be attributed to its visionary founder, the late Steve Jobs. In his book Appletopia, media and culture critic
Brett T. Robinson reconstructs Steve Jobs’ imagination for digital innovation in transcendent terms. From Zen Buddhism and Catholicism to dystopian and futurist thought, religion defined and branded Jobs’ design methodology. Robinson resurrects Jobs’ uncanny ability to integrate philosophical and religious thought with technological genius, laying the groundwork for Apple’s ubiquity today. As it turns out, culture was eager to find meaning in the burgeoning technological revolution, naming Jobs as its prophet and Apple’s advertising as its gospel. Brett joins us.

4:40 – #38 – Michael Gorman and Robert Destro on Hobby Lobby’s victory against HHS (original air 6/30)

5:00 – #37 – Fighting Mad: Practical Solutions for Conquering Anger (original air 2/4)

How do you deal with anger and its emotional buddies? Parents, children, spouses, siblings, coworkers, even friends; we all struggle with situations where we experience feelings of anger. Dr. Ray Guarendi is here to cut through psychobabble to present a realistic picture of anger and other emotional issues, and then offers practical solutions for overcoming them. He presents a basic understanding of anger and clears up common misconceptions, and then focuses on different aspects of anger.

5:40 – #35 – Community and Culture in the New Evangelization (original air 11/19)

Live from the Diocese of Lansing: Announcing the Gospel Diocesan Assembly.
Bishop Earl Boyea

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