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Kresta in the Afternoon-December 11th, 2014

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on December 11, 2014

4:20 – Miracle Man

Every near-death experience is account is extraordinary, but “Miracle Man” is amazing on an entirely different level. The story takes the reader on a spiritual excursion through Bernie Klein’s riveting journey to heaven and back. After experiencing multiple organ failure and spending six weeks comatose and on life support, Bernie came back from the dead to share his dramatic encounter with Jesus, earning him the name “Miracle Man” among the hospital staff. Bernie’s experience gave him extreme clarity on what truly matters. Judy Klein, Bernie’s widow, joins us today to tell her husband’s story she has learned to place her trust in God.

5:00 – Mediations on Vatican Art Angels 

Open your heart to the presence of angels, God’s holy messengers and protectors. In Meditations on Vatican Art Angels, you can reflect on stunning depictions from the Vatican Museums and contemplate angelic encounters in Scripture. Following his acclaimed first book, Fr. Mark Haydu, international coordinator of the Patrons of the Arts of the Vatican Museums, serves once again as your spiritual guide for a breathtaking journey through time, meditation, and the Vatican art collections. Meditations on Vatican Art Angels offers you a deeper understanding of your own spiritual journey as you follow Fr. Haydu’s explanation of the battle between the fallen angels and the faithful angels and God sending His angels to watch over you. The book’s splendid reproductions of major works represent ancient through contemporary periods in art. Fr. Haydu is with us today to help us open our hearts to angels’ existence and their desire to keep you from harm and guide you to God.

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