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Kresta in the Afternoon – December 21, 2020 – Hour 1

2020 Kresta in the Afternoon Countdown

#28 – What Even Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection (full hour)

The Resurrection is the single greatest event in human history. Without it, Christianity loses all meaning. Even among skeptics and those who reject Christianity, there are elements of Jesus’ life and Resurrection that are beyond dispute. We’ll talk about it with Justin Bass.

Justin Bass

Justin Bass the author of The Bedrock of Christianity: The Unalterable Facts of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection. He’s professor of New Testament at Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary (JETS) in Amman, Jordan. Before moving to Jordan, he and his family lived in Frisco, TX, where he was a pastor of a church for six years and an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and Dallas Christian College. He has a PhD in New Testament Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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What Skeptical Scholars Admit about the Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

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