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Kresta in the Afternoon – December 16, 2020 – Hour 1

SEG 4-1: Kresta Comments: The Importance of In-Person Worship

At a recent press conference Virginia Governor Ralph Northam said in-person worship is unnecessary because God is everywhere and we can pray to Him at any time. Al responds.

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Why In-Person Worship Matters

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SEG 4-2: The Heroes of the Enlightenment (2 segments)

The Age of Enlightenment has been praised and reviled as a period of free thought that undermined the authority of Church and State, eventually paving the way for revolutions in France and other countries. But out of this chaos arose a new generation of thinkers: the critics of the Enlightenment and the principles and the practices to which it gave birth. We’ll talk about it with Christopher Blum.

Christopher Blum

Christopher O. Blum is Professor of History and Philosophy in the Augustine Institute’s Graduate School of Theology. He is the author of Critics of the Enlightenment and the co-author of A Mind at Peace. He also edited The Tears of Christ: Meditations for Lent, by St. John Henry Newman.

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