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Kresta in the Afternoon – December 14, 2020 – Hour 1

SEG 4-1: Social Science Apologetics: Only frequent church attendees avoided downward mental health trend in 2020

A new survey suggests Americans who attend religious services weekly are the only demographic group appearing to show improved mental health in 2020, despite the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic and other events. Dr. Greg Popcak has the details.

Dr. Greg Popcak

Dr. Gregory Popcak is the director of The Pastoral Solutions Institute, a Catholic tele-counseling practice providing marriage & mental health counseling services to Catholics worldwide.  Together with his wife Lisa Popcak, he is the author of over 20 books on  relationships and spirituality.   You can hear Dr. Greg and Lisa each weekday at 10am E/9C on their radio program More2Life, which is produced by Ave Maria Radio and carried by the EWTN Radio Network.

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Only frequent church attendees avoided downward mental health trend in 2020

Greg’s Website

Faith on the Couch Blog

Catholic Households on Mission Discussion Group

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SEG 4-2: Supreme Court refuses to hear Texas election case

On Friday evening the Supreme Court refused to hear a Texas lawsuit against four key swing states that potentially could have overturned the election. None of the justices dissented, though Justices Alito and Thomas did issue a separate point that this decision shouldn’t block all lawsuits similar to Texas’ in the future. Lee Strang explains what has happened.

Lee Strang

Supreme Court declines to hear Trump-supported Texas case over election results in four other states

Federal judge casts doubt on Trump’s Wisconsin lawsuit

What’s next in the states’ fight over the election at the Supreme Court

Explaining the Supreme Court’s ruling denying Trump and how Alito and Thomas didn’t dissent

Alan Dershowitz says Texas lawsuit tossed by Supreme Court should tell Trump’s allies they ‘can’t count on the judiciary’ to invalidate the election results

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SEG 4-3: Kresta Comments: What Next for the Election?

Fake Claims about Dominion do Real Harm

Trump Is Looking for Fraud in All the Wrong Places

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