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Kresta in the Afternoon – December 6, 2021 – Hour 1

Al discusses Tiger Woods, Buddhism and the Glory of the Gospel, and we talk with Tim Glemkowski about renewing Parish Culture.

Kresta Comments: Tiger Woods and the Glory of the Gospel  

In early December, 2009, Tiger Woods, one of the most popular and successful athletes of his generation, had his shocking fall from grace. He had previously expressed belief in aspects of the Buddhist faith, and in the weeks following the story becoming public Fox News analyst Brit Hume encouraged him to turn to the Christian faith for more complete forgiveness and redemption. What does Christianity offer that Buddhism doesn’t? Al takes a look.

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Can we Renew Parish Culture?

In 2007, 24 percent of Americans identified as Catholic. By 2014, that had dropped to 21 percent. The number of people who claim no religious affiliation has surpassed Catholics and evangelicals, making “nones” the largest religious group in the United States. Catholics are simply walking away from the Church. Yet there are many committed, faithful Catholics who desperately want to stem this tide. Tim Glemkowski joins us.

Tim Glemkowski is the author of Made for Mission: Renewing Your Parish Culture . He’s an international speaker and the founder and president of L’Alto Catholic Institute. He is also cofounder of Revive Parishes, an online formation platform for parish leaders. Tim has served in various roles in evangelization, including teaching high school theology, with youths and young adult ministry at a parish, and as a director of evangelization and catechesis. Visit

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