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Kresta in the Afternoon – December 3, 2020 – Hour 2

SEG 5-1: Kresta Comments: What is the Gospel

The Gospel is more than just News – it’s Extraordinary news! Al elaborates.

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SEG 5-2: Family Time: Slowing Down in a High-Speed World

There’s overwhelming research to show the benefits of family time for both kids and parents. But with a hyper-busy and hyper-plugged in culture, it can be hard to set aside even 30 minutes for a family dinner. Tim and Sue Muldoon join us with both a meditative and practical approach to this issue.

Tim and Sue Muldoon

Tim and Sue Muldoon are the authors of “Reclaiming Family Time: A Guide to Slowing Down and Savoring the Gift of One Another.” They are the parents of six children and have also written :Six Sacred Rules for Families.” Tim is a theologican and professor who has taught at Boston College and Mount Aloysus College. Sue is a therapist and religious educator. Visit

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