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Kresta in the Afternoon: Books that Changed my Life

We recently opened up the phone lines to ask you which books have changed your life or impacted how you view the world. Here is a list of all the books you shared with us, along with some suggestions from Al and our staff.

Al’s List

  • The Cosmic Christian Narrative: The Deep History of the World
  • From Christendom to Apostolic Mission
  • How God Became King – NT Wright
  • Franklin and Winston – Jon Meacham
  • Live Not by Lies – Rod Dreher
  • A Catholic Introduction to the Bible: The Old Testament – John Bergsma and Brant Pitre
  • Church in Crisis – Ralph Martin

Books from Ave Maria Radio Staff

  • Rome Sweet Home – Scott Hahn
  • Grand Illusions: The Legacy of Planned Parenthood – George Grant
  • What are People For? – Wendell Barry 
  • The Reformation 500 Years Later – Ben Wiker
  • The Screwtape Letters – CS Lewis
  • Let Them Lead: Unexpected Lessons in Leadership from America’s Worst High School Hockey Team – John U Bacon
  • The Day the World Came to Town – Jim DeFede
  • An Exorcist Tells his Story – Fr. Gabriele Amorth
  • Broken Gods: Hope, Healing and the Seven Longings of the Human Heart – Greg Popcak
  • Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance – Neil Lozano
  • Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel – Fr. John Riccardo
  • Every Deep-Drawn Breath: A Critical Care Doctor on Healing, Recovery and Transforming Medicine in the ICU – Dr. Wes Ely
  • Imprisoned with ISIS – Petr Jasek

Full list from Callers

  • The Priests We Need to Save the Church – Kevin Wells
  • Architects of the Culture of Death – Benjamin Wiker
  • Seabiscuit – Laura Hillenbrand
  • A Severe Mercy – Sheldon Vanauken
  • The Mystery of Suffering – Hubert van Zeller
  • The Life of Mary as seen by the Mystics – Raphael Brown
  • A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 – Phillip Keller
  • 365 Dates to Renew Your Marriage – Catholic Edition – Dana Nygaard
  • City of God – Mary of Agreda
  • This One Time: One Woman’s Personal Journey through Loss and Darkness to Find Faith, Community, Purpose and Love – Adrienne Poppe
  • The Case for Jesus – Brant Pitre
  • Diary of an American Exorcist – Msgr. Stephen Rossetti
  • The Christian Imagination: Theology and the Origins of Race – Willie Jennings
  • He Leadeth Me – Walter Ciszek
  • I and Thou – Martin Buber
  • The Great Divorce – CS Lewis
  • Is Atheism Dead? – Eric Metaxas
  • A Pope and a President –Paul Kengor
  • St. Joseph the Protector – Fr. Mark Goring
  • The Town that Started the Civil War – Nat Brandt
  • The Philosophy of Jesus – Peter Kreeft
  • The Crucifix on Mecca’s Front Porch – David Pinault
  • The Mount of Olives: 11 Declarations to an Extraordinary Life – Michael Ivanov
  • Blue- Collar Apologetics – John Martignoni
  • Surrender – Fr. Larry Richards
  • Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World: Dr. Mary Healy
  • Unseen Warfare trilogy – Jack Sparks
  • Gift of Faith – Tadeusz Dajczer
  • My Other Self: Conversations with Christ on living your Faith – Clarence Enzler
  • Priest and Beggar – Kevin Wells
  • Jesus Shock – Peter Kreeft
  • Advent of the Heart – Fr. Alfred Delp
  • What If We’ve Been Wrong: Keeping My Promise to America’s “Abortion King” – Terry Beatley

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