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Kresta in the Afternoon – April 24, 2015

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on April 24, 2015


4:00 – Kresta Comments: Violence and Turning the Other Cheek


4:20 – Update from San Francisco

Our guest is Chris Lyford, from the Department of Communications for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  Chris will give us an update on the Archdioceses’ policies for teachers.

4:40 – Kresta Comments: TBA 



5:00 – Kresta Comments: A Biblical Response to Earth Day


5:20 – Columbine: Motivations for a Massacre

April 20th was the 16th anniversary of the Columbine High School Massacre.  Dave Cullen has extensively researched the attack and the backgrounds of perpetrators Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. He strongly disputes the popular theory that they acted in revenge for bullying. Dave joins us today with a look at how Harris and Klebold saw the world and what motivated them to commit such evil.

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