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Kresta in the Afternoon – 1/21/15

Talking about the “Things That Matter Most” on January 21, 2015

4:00 – Kresta Comments: Recapping the State of the Union

Al replays some of the highlights from last night’s State of the Union and offers his own comments and analysis. Included in the discussion is Obama’s quest for equal pay, his proposal for free community college and his assertion that climate change is the biggest threat to our future. Al also examines how Obama’s attitude and tone toward his opponents has changed since he took office.

4:20 – Poor Baby: A Child of the 60s Looks Back on Abortion

Heather King came of age during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s. She was always told that sleeping around would be empowering, that “choosing” would make me free, that there’d be no repercussions. What she was told is wrong.  She’s for life becuse she suffered in silence, guilt and sorrow for more than twenty years. Even women, who will talk about anything, don’t talk about abortion. Heater does, and that’s why she’s with us today. Because abortion is not a political issue; abortion is a mystical issue. Abortion is a matter of emotional and spiritual poverty, of what we inherit from our parents and what we pass on to our children, of what we absorb from a culture that is saturated with violence.

5:10 – Previewing the March for Life from DC

Ave Maria’s own Teresa Tomeo joins us from Washington, DC, where she is and thousands of others are preparing for tomorrow’s March for Life.

5:20 – Kresta Comments: Recapping the State of the Union (continued)

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