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October 29, 2020 – Hour 1

Kresta in the Afternoon – October, 29 2020 – Hour 1

Kresta News Roundup: Three killed in France attack & Archbishop Lucas responds on voting

Description: Three Catholics were killed in a terrorist attack in France today. Al looks at the story and also the response of Archbishop George Lucas to Catholic professors’ claims that there is a pro-life argument for voting for Biden.

Heroes and Heretics of the Reformation (2 segments)

Description: The tie of the Protestant Reformations was a tumultuous time, filled with heroes, heretics and a few people who were both. Some are well-known, and some have been largely forgotten. Who were these people- and just how many reformations were there? Phillip Campbell joins us.

Segment Guests:

Phillip Campbell

Phillip Campbell is the author of Heroes and Heretics of the Revolution. He teaches high school history for Homeschool Connections. He’s also the editor of The Complete Works of St Cyprian of Carthage. Visit


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