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Kimberly Kirk Hahn Forges Into Local Politics


Kimberly Kirk Hahn is known in Catholic circles as a best-selling author, speaker, and apologist. She is also the wife of Scott Hahn, a high-profile Catholic theologian and author and together they are among the best-known Catholic converts in the world. But last spring when Mrs. Hahn ran for the city council of Steubenville, Ohio— the home of Franciscan University of Steubenville (FUS) and where she has lived for 25 years — she discovered that while she may be known half way across the globe, she had little name recognition in her own home town.

That officially changed last week when Hahn won the city council at large race by a 2,711 to 2,166 margin. She is the first Republican to be elected to any Steubenville city office in 12 years and the third Republican to sit on City Council in at least 25 years.

To land her seat, Hahn had to think outside the box. In the spring, she put together what she calls her “Kitchen Cabinet” — 12 close women advisors of various ages, interests, and political parties. They met weekly to brainstorm ideas about how Hahn could get better known in the city and the members assisted with events and campaign details. She also formed a Steering Committee of 12 who met every three weeks to help her with the broad sweep of the campaign and offer big-picture guidance.

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