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Kim Davis, the Synod and the Weaponizing of Pope Francis

Our tug-of-war on Francis is all about us, our American narcissism, our idols and our obsessions


Using people is something humans do. We can be selfish human beings so we often end up approaching other people with a utilitarian mindset, asking ourselves: “What can this person do for me?”

If the answer is very little or nothing, we often discard the person, reject them or treat them with less respect or care. But if a person can do something for us, our attitude is often completely different.

I know I do this to people, and people do it to me. I experienced being on the receiving end of this once when I was working in the book store the Daughters of St. Paul run in Miami. A woman came in and began to order me around the store as if I were her indentured servant. I tried to be patient and find what the woman wanted, but after a while I began to feel angry and annoyed.

I was on the verge of telling her off when an employee mentioned to the woman that I am an author and that I had written a book. I was shocked at how quickly her attitude toward me changed. She began to treat me with respect, almost to the point of fawning over me.

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