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“Kick Christmas Out of China”: Christians face more challenges in the PRC

China continues to occupy headlines across the globe, but party officials within the Great Wall have taken little, if any, heed of international opinion. Media reports vary from anxious predictions of China’s economic rise to critical descriptions of police arrests of anyone who reveals the government’s falsehoods and offenses.

An article by the BBC predicts “Chinese economy to overtake US ‘by 2028’ due to Covid,” and the weekend briefing by the New York Times reports that a citizen journalist “who reported about the coronavirus from Wuhan during the lockdown, will face trial next week” because she “faces accusations of spreading lies” about China’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Three other citizen journalists from Wuhan have recently disappeared. It brings to mind George Orwell’s depictions of the sudden disappearances of people who offend Big Brother in the despotic party state of Oceana.

Little news about China’s religious policies appears in the mainstream media, but much is happening. In addition to the notorious (but state denied) detention and re-education of Muslims in China’s northwest area of Xinjiang, and the persistent destruction of religious properties throughout the country, officials continue to support policies and campaigns aimed at controlling and eliminating Christian practice.

Recent weeks have seen processions of Chinese carrying banners that demand, “Kick Christmas out of China” (Shengdanjie gunchu Zhongguo 圣诞节滚出中国), with a leader carrying the national flag.

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