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Kenyan Church Moderator Led Peacemaking Seminar Prior to Death

Pastor Njaramba is survived by his wife, Freshia Wanjiru, and two sons, 17-year-old Ian Kiruga and nine-year-old and Lenny Kamau.

MANDERA, KENYA (July 3, 2016) – Pastor John Njaramba Kiruga, was returning home from facilitating a peacemaking training in Garissa and Mandera that was sponsored with a grant from Covenant World Relief (CWR) when he was killed by gunmen connected with a terrorist group.

The training had focused on pursuing peace between Christian and Muslims, said CWR director Dave Husby.

The seminars were in especially dangerous locations. Al-Shabaab, a terrorist group linked with Al-Qaeda, had killed 148 people last April in Garissa, and Mandera had been the site of frequent attacks. Both locations are near the border.

According to news reports, the gunmen ambushed two buses near the Somalia border, about an hour from Mandera. The first one was able to speed through, but the second one was stopped when the driver was killed. A total of six people were killed, including children.

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