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Keeping the Spotlight on Planned Parenthood

Far be it from me to deflect attention from a national discussion about the barbarity of abortion. But when Planned Parenthood and its media supporters are actually spending time defending the practice, pro-lifers should realize that something is amiss.

The Washington Post recently published an editorial lamenting the effort to defund Planned Parenthood based on videos produced by the Center for Medical Progress. After all, the editors point out, “they reveal nothing that changes the substance of the debate over abortion.” True enough.

Similarly, my local Minneapolis paper had a lead editorial a couple of Sundays back under the headline, “Shock videos set back abortion debate.” In it, the editorial board bemoaned the fact that the videos were actually “distracting” us from the real abortion debate. As I pointed out, the grisly details of dishes full of aborted babies being picked over like a plate of hors d’oeuvres is precisely what the abortion debate is all about. It is not, however, the point of the videos.

The Issue at Hand

Abortion apologists have always been fond of directing attention to something other than the issue in front of them.

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