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In James Younger transgender case, judge grants parents joint medical, psychiatric authority

A Texas judge granted Jeffrey Younger and Anne Georgulas joint managing conservatorship of their son, James Younger, over whose gender identity his parents have argued in court.

The decision, given by Judge Kim Cooks of a Texas Family District Court, means that both parents have equal decision-making power in their child’s medical, dental and psychiatric treatment, The Texan reported.

Georgulas, who believes James identifies as a girl named Luna, will now have to obtain the consent of Younger before allowing James to undergo any hormonal or psychiatric “gender affirmation treatment.”

Yesterday, a jury ruled against a petition from Younger to obtain sole custody of James and his twin brother Jude, which he filed in an attempt to protect James from “gender-changing” interventions by Georgulas.

Georgulas is reported to believe James identifies as a girl in part because of his affinity for the Disney movie “Frozen” and its female character leads, along with other feminine preferences in toys. She has wanted to affirm James’ identity as a girl, while Younger has advocated for a “watchful waiting” approach to see if James changes his mind as he matures, The Texan reported.

According to the Washington Examiner, expert witnesses called in the court expressed doubts as to whether James actually strongly identifies as female. Younger has said that James identifies as a boy while he is in the care of his father.

Georgulas reportedly wanted to enroll James as a patient at the GENECIS in Dallas in their “Gender Affirming Care Program” for youth. On its website, the clinic says it offers hormone therapy and puberty suppression therapy along with mental health and social services. It does not currently offer “gender transition” surgery. Georgulas and Younger now have joint decision-making power over James’ enrollment in the program. Judge Cooks also reportedly issued a gag order against Jeffrey Younger, which means he is not allowed to discuss the case with members of the press.

The case of James Younger was met with outrage from critics who say it raises seriously ethical concerns regarding the rights of parents and the best interests of children experiencing gender dysphoria.

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