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Jakarta attacks: Islamic State says it was responsible


If you didn’t know and didn’t look too closely, you could be standing near the site of today’s bombings in Jakarta and have no idea this country has just experienced its worst terror attack since 2009. Hours after it began, the street has been swept, the blood washed away, and the traffic is flowing.

But look closer and there’s a hole in the road where suicide bomb went off. The traffic is lighter than usual and the street food hawkers are doing a less than brisk trade, even though dozens of people are milling around, having a look, staring at the flowers of condolence placed in the centre of the intersection.

Many here have been worried about the rise of IS and what that means for home-grown terror groups. Today perhaps they got the beginnings of an answer.

The assault began late morning local time, when blasts struck near a Starbucks cafe and police security post, in an area close to embassies and government buildings.

“There was lot of commotion, a lot of craziness,” said Rob Phillips, an English teacher who lives in the area.

“We heard a large bang. We thought it was thunder because the storms here are pretty big.”

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